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1500 - 1600

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ERA 5 - Time of explorers and reformers


Around 1500 the early modern time starts, which lasts until 1800. This era is about the 16th century (1500-1600).

The Portuguese and Spaniards are going on voyages to explore new areas and create new trade routes. This leads to the European overseas expansion in the 16th century. 

There's also a lot of criticism on the pope and the church of Rome. This leads to the Reformation (schism), whereby the Christian church in Western Europe splits into a Protestant and Catholic movement.

During this era the Renaissance spreads over Europe from Italy.

Characteristic aspects:

18. The start of the European overseas expansion.


19. A changing view on humanity and the world because of the Renaissance, and the start of a new kind of scientific research.


20. A renewed orientation on the heritage of the ancient times.

21. The protestant Reformation which led to the division of the Christian church in Western Europe.

22. The conflict in The Netherlands which resulted in the foundation of a Dutch state.

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